Super Silly - Button Factory

Creative Direction / Scenic Design / 2018

Client: Super Silly, Aiken Promotions
Venue: Button Factory

            As part of a continuing collaboration with Super Silly, the band approached us to create the concept design for the Super Silly show in the Button Factory. We explored the possibility of incorporating a vibrant projection mapped visual design. The visual projection piece is compromised of a 5 foot by 2 foot band logo which spanned the length of the stage in the venue. This piece bathes the viewer. The interplay between the stage lighting and the visual design coaxed the audio inside the visual experience.

Preperation & Planning

3D model renders were prepared with adherence to the dimensions of the venue. This allowed for input from and collaboration with the different interests involved in the event from band members, management and others. Examples of the preperation and a closer video clip of the projection mapped letters.