WordUp Collective   

Creative Direction

Client: WordUp Collective
Year: 2016—Present

            Run by music industry veterans, Phil and Annette Udell, the aim of the Word-Up Collective is to develop, showcase and promote Irish urban, hip-hop and spoken word artists to a national and international audience. When the collaboration started with the WordUp Collective, each gig was a monthly showcase held in the Bello Bar (Portobello) which has featured JyellowL, Super Silly, Anti-One and Damola. This has lead us to producing shows at other venues around Dublin.

            Our most recent showcase was in the Soundhouse in Dublin. We were given the freedom to experiment with more audio-reactive elements in the production. In TouchDesigner, visual content in the form of shapes and lines were generated within the software.  To save space on the processing side, this content was pre-rendered and exported to Resolume Arena and overlayed in alpha layers. An audio send was taken within TouchDesigner, filtered, softened and then used to control the logo and any chosen visual effects.


Audio filtering signal chain of vocals. DI Input from audio console into TouchDesigner.


Network of surface operators and texture operators utilized to generate the visual content.