Yamamori Tengu   

Lighting Design / Creative Direction / Visual Content / 2018

Client: Yamamori Tengu
Venue: Tengu / Kaizen Bar
Photo Credit: Olga Kuzmenko

            We were approached by management at Yamamori Tengu—Strand Street Great, North City, Dublin 1—to create a lighting design for both the downstairs Tengu bar and the upstairs venue, the Kaizan bar. The brief was to create a standalone lighting solution that could be adapted to suit promoters and artists for techno, disco and other club nights. Programming began of the various moving heads, LED par cans and LED strip lighting fixtures. Different scenes were created and stored in software that transmitted the various scenes to the lighting universe from the software over USB-to-DMX. Full control was given to allow the management to make adjustments to colours in the room or position of individual fixtures.